Jean-Claude Van Damme

Easy Level

1. Where was born JCVD ?

  Paris, France
  Montreal, Canada
  Berchem-Saint Agathe, Belgium

2. Which is the true name of JCVD ?

  Jean-Claude Moreau
  Jean-Claude Van Varenbergh
  Claude Van Steenberghe

3. When JCVD discovered karate ?

  At 7 years old
  At 12 years old
  At 15 years old

4. Which was the trainer of JCVD ?

  Claude Goetz
  Dominique Valera
  Senzo Tanaka

5. Which is the first film whose JCVD is the star ?

  Karate Tiger

6. In which film JCVD plays the role of a elite soldier, recreated artificially by the Pentagon ?

  Universal Soldier

7. Until the beginning of 1999, in how many films has JCVD turned as star ?

  25 films
  9 films
  17 films



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