Jean-Claude Van Damme

Average Level

1. What is JCVD’s date of birth?

  18 october 1960
  04 january 1959
  20 october 1961

2. How old was JCVD when he won the Championship of Europe in Karate by team?

  22 years
  16 years
  19 years

3. In 1980, JCVD opens a bodybuilding gym in Brussels, how was it named?

  Brussels Gold Gym
  Golden Club
  California Gym

4. In which movie did JCVD play his first secondary part?

  Missing in Action I
  Black Eagle
  Karate Tiger

5. Which producer gave Bloodsport to JCVD?

  Newt Arnold
  Deran Serafan
  Menahem Golan

6. What is JCVD’s son’s name?


7. In 1995, JCVD produced and acted in a big movie about martial arts, how was it named?

  Maximum Risk
  The quest
  Full Contact



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