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To put down rumors, I want to confirm that JCVD wanted to do a big fight since then years - I always put my veto -

But for JCVD it seems to be a vital, physical and moral question.

I have given my autorisation under conditions.

The medecine faculty approbation and a strictly hard training like thirty years ago.

The opponent'll be the Thai fighter Somrak, Olympic medallist in boxing and muay-thai champ.

Pictures and other informations'll regulary follow, particulary the contract signing and training sessions.

Claude Goetz
JCVD's professor

There's the JCVD's comment just received by Claude Goetz by e-mail today 15/09/09:

"Hey trainer everybody is talking about? It'll be hot! I'll be ready!"

Thank you,

Jean-Claude Vandamme

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