Jean-Claude Van Damme

They said ...

Peter Hyams, producer of Time Cop and Sudden Death

Jean-Claude hits, he strikes hit after hit. He bounces against the walls, jumps, hits again and ends with doing the splits… It’s madness !

Rob Schneider, producer of Knock Off :

This shooting gave me a slap in the face, my adrenaline level reached a level it had never reached before on any shooting. The team never rests, we shoot seven days a week, twenty hours a day…

Newt Arnold, producer of Bloodsport :

He has a gift to use space, he absorbs the visual field, like a dancer, he becomes one with the camera.

Claude Goetz, coach of JCVD since 20 years :

I gave Jean-Claude the possibility to train anywhere and anytime. That’s his strength.

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