Jean-Claude Van Damme


Philippe Graton, author of “Jean-Claude Van Damme, Anatomie d’une determination” interview in October 91 :

Then why did you give up competition?

Because that wasn’t my dream. My dream was America! The movies! Becoming a star, making movies, making people dream, win my freedom, knowing the more beautiful things on earth! That’s the “inaccessible star” which makes me think of Brel’s song. Whereas competition, is taking hits all your life, getting your brain crushed, and often end in misery and leave nothing behind.

Already where you were young, you listened to classical music. Which is your favourite composer today?

Beethoven. Because he is everything in one  : strong, beautiful and powerful. Because he is somebody sad. Because he was deaf, and that he created everything in his mind.

And you, are you a sad person?

I am looking for perfection. Even though perfection doesn’t exist. Because of that I am a sad person.  Without having the right to however because I have met certain miseries, certain children. But I don’t want to talk about it.

In 1990, you declared (in a marathon organised by Bruce Weber for Gianni Versace)that “to realize your dream, you have to sacrifice everything. Your family, your parents, friends and your love life. Only then you can become bigger” Do you confirm this?

One doesn’t have the right to sacrifice one’s family. It is very difficult, because it gives you a feeling of guilt. And it creates a dilemma that increases the stress :
I am a good actor, but am I a good father?

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