Jean-Claude Van Damme

The Fights 1972 - 1980
A physique and a character forged by karate

The young van Varenberg suffers a lot;  he gives up several Jean-Claude Van Dammetimes but he feels an inexorable strength in him which binds him to his future. Body-building for hours and hours, repeating jabs in the air with weights in his hands, stretching and splits, endurance, karate moves:  training with Goetz is almost like hell!

 At seventeen years, Jean-Claude has developed physically and has more self- esteem. Jean-Claude Van DammeSensible to classical music, he takes dancing lessons during four years, but karate remains his main priority. He succeeds in controlling his fear and takes part in many demanding fights. His opponents fear his speed and the strength of his legs.

 After having won the European in teams in 1979, Jean-Claude takes part in the World Championship in Wako, Florida. Amazed by the USA, that he discovers for the first time, our young karateka skips training. He gets defeated by the Belgian Teugels who becomes Vice-Champion of the World.

 A few months later, Jean-Claude takes his revenge and beats Teugels in less then two minutes. A strenuous training, and a rage to win : the young Van Varenberg will remember the lesson.

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