Jean-Claude Van Damme

The Career 1995 - 2000
To manage his profession and his life

At the age of 35, the Belgian actor decides to realise something Jean-Claude Van Damme and Claude Goetzhe had been dreaming of for a long time : a big martial arts movie regrouping de best athletes in karate, kung fu, sumo etc.

He asks his coach Claude Goetz, to prepare him physically and mentally and to coordinate the fighting scenes.

 The teacher and the student have always stayed in touch during those 23 years united by a very deep friendship. Being perfectionist and  dogged, Jean-Claude sets up a high rhythm for the whole team and shows an uncommon energy : 12 hours of shooting a day, sometimes even more combined with personal training! The Quest is the mark of an important area for the Belgian karateka…Jean-Claude Van Damme

 In 1996, Van Damme settles in Monaco and creates his own company. His last movies, Maximum Risk, Double Team (97) Légionnaire and Knock Off produced in 98 are a big success. He changes  from register though, as in the very good Légionnaire, and he is always implicated in production.

 Inferno and UniJean-Claude Van Dammeversal Soldier II confirm his reputation as complete actor.   Through his will power, the young Belgian has became an international star. Trying to stay at the top is however a permanent challenge. The man has matured of course, he is more experienced and capable of living his life on his own. But the pressure is there, physical, nervous and often painful. Satisfying the fans, staying the best, but still trying to preserve his own private life is the new challenge of Jean-Claude Varenbergh.

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